Smart Public Transportation


Public Transport Development Overview, Project Demands

Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy, Project Implementation list

Overall Design

Overall Solution, Objectives, Architecture, Project Scope

Our Advantages

Our Advantages, Enterprise Informatization Project Case

Application System Design

System Composition, Intelligent Dispatching System, Operating & Monitoring
The system, Information Releasing System, Smart Travel System


Public Transport Development Overview, Project Demands

Project Demands

Bus Companies

Improving the level of operation and service

  • Live”likemanaging
  • Real-timemonitoring
  • Securityguarantee
  • Increasebussatisfactionandbussharing
  • Value-addedservices


Travel safely, fast, and comfortably

  • Arrival information
  • Travel guidance
  • Diversified bus services
  • Humanized services

Overall Design

Overall Solution, Objectives, Structure, Project Scope

Overall Solution


By developing the Intelligent Bus Operation & Management Platform and the Intelligent Travel Information Service Platform, improving operation, management, and service quality, and providing citizens with safe and efficient bus services.


Establish the information infrastructure including software & hardware resource and internet security system by developing a “Cloud Platform”. By integrating software & hardware resource platform, business integration platform, and unified visualization platforms into a “Public Transportation Cloud”, fundamental support is provided to the four parts of information network and security, data center, integrated services, and comprehensive display.

Application System Design

System Composition, Intelligent Dispatching System, Operating & Monitoring
System, Information Releasing System, Smart Travel System

System Composition:

The intelligent bus system consists of an intelligent dispatching system, an operating & monitoring system, an information releasing system, and a smart travel system. Each system uses a cloud + endpoints structure, including software applications, data access and forwarding platforms, and intelligent terminals.

Intelligent Dispatching System:

Providing intelligent, “live” like dispatching management



Dispatching host, driver screen, surveillance lens group, one-click alarm, voice input, and speaker.

Dispatching Host:

  • High-speed processor and embedded operatingsystemï¼›
  • Using video compression/decompression technology, 4G and WIFI network technology, GPS / BDS technologyï¼›
  • Multi-channel analog surveillance video, automatic station reporting, intelligent dispatch, and high- definition video, car driving records and wireless data uploadingï¼›
  • Modular product design with high reliability, safety, and flexibility, and easy maintenance.

Driver Screen:

  • Station reportingï¼›
  • Direct picture connectionï¼›
  • Direct reversing image connectionï¼›
  • SMS and prompt voice readingï¼›
  • Voice calls.

Operating & Monitoring System:

Real-time operational data monitoring and comprehensive safety monitoring

Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy, Implementation List


Our Advantages

Our Advantages, Informatization Project Cases

Industry Advantages

  • Focus on smart bus industry for more than 10 years
  • As an advocate and practitioner, we are the first to propose Smart Bus 3.0 in the industry
  • The most complete solution system

Project Experiences

  • Experience and qualifications for undertaking projects with investment exceeding 100 million RMB
  • Undertook the construction of intelligent systems for more than 60 bus companies of different sizes,including, Xi’an, Datong, and Xingtai
  • Methodology for the development of a Smart Bus System from rich experiences
  • Experience in customized services for bus companies of different sizes

Business Advantages

  • Rich in the knowledge of the industry and the business
  • Rich in the experience of smart bus system development
  • Industry Expert Database: Expert team from Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Technology,
  • Tsinghua University


  • Have participated in a number of key industry projects, and are able to grasp future development trends and policy directions
  • Have a deep understanding of the development of smart bus systems and future development trends

Informatization Project Cases