National Facial Database Platform

Design Principle

1 + M + N

Solution Architecture

Construction Procedure

State-level Population Data Collection

Organize state-level census of population, collect the population data and load to the national population database including name, gender, birthday, ID No., address, face image, etc.

Phase 1

Industries Population Data Collection

Collect specified people data by industries for industry facial database. For instance, the suspect facial image database for public security, the VIP customer database
for bank, etc.

Phase 2

System Integration

Integrate the databases with the frontend devices and 3rd parties system, make readiness for service application for each industries.

Phase 3

Service Application

Provide identification confirmation services by collecting frontend facial images and compare with the facial image in the database.

Phase 4

System Network

System Feature

DL Algorithm

Facial image DB 70mil/single
server 2bln/cluster server

Static Recognition
/Dynamic Search

High Accuracy in
Different Environments

Facial Comparison
in bn-level Database

1000 pics/sec
Image Import Capability

32-channel Video
Stream Analysis/Server

Trajectory, Foothold,
Peer Analysis

Visible Display of
Abstract Data

Solution Security

System Level

The system is on-premise. All data, software and hardware are deployed in private network with HA feature, and
share the same security protection with customer’s network

Application Level

The administrator can set accounts with different permissions to users according to their
duties to avoid data misusing

Data Level

All data in the system are stored with encryption including system data,
user data, operation data, etc.

Typical Application

Typical Application-Public Security

Typical Application-Public Security