Traffic Information Platform

Road Condition Products And Traffic Big Data Accumulation

Smart Travel Platform- Traffic Flow Information Service

Traffic Flow Data

Average speed


Road show
Dynamic path planning
Avoiding congestio ,
the fastest path

Traffic flow display

Dynamic path planning

Smart Travel Platform- Traffic Information Coverage

Real-time traffic service

  • Full coverage of the national road network
  • National 200+ city commercial use
  • National intercity expressway and 90% national provincial highways
  • Coverage all the cities across the country

Service client

  • Car networking: 8 car brands
  • 10 automotive electronics


  • 5 mobile Internet manufacturers
  • Government platform

Smart Travel Platform-Example of Traffic Information Service


Smart Travel Platform-Road Map

Flexible and frequent road condition display: simple and clear

Smart Travel Platform-Traffic Information Events

  • Incident content (Accident, control, weather, etc. )
  • Application mode
  • Offer the driver the information of the incident Dynamic path planning
  • Avoid the spot of the accident, road works and closed exit, etc

Smart Travel Platform-Traffic Information Event

Smart Travel Platform-Traffic Information Event Content

Incident content

  • Starting and ending time
  • The direction of the incident
  • Incident type
  • Effected path
  • Description of the incident

Smart Travel Platform-Smart Application (on-board Secretary)

Provide personalized travel information service according to the user’s real-time location

Smart Travel Platform-Road Forecast

Smart Travel Platform-Smart Application (Voice Assistant)

Smart Travel Platform-Study on Traffic Cost at Intersection (Lane-separated Road Condition at Intersection)

Finally, the scene of lane-level road condition products, auxiliary route planning, urban transportation and so on will be formed.