Smart Retail Solutions

Smart Retail Solutions


Overview of People Counting System for Smart Retail

Core Functions

Industry Demands


Core Functions

Core Function 1:

Customer AttributeAnalysis

Core Function 2:

Customer Path Analytics

Shopper tracks are learned and analyzed for shopper paths.

Shopper paths

Shopper tracks

Core Function 3:

Entry Rate

Surrounding and entering shoppers are counted for monitoring traffic trends Passing and entering customers are calculated together with the entry rate for KPI review.

Entry rate statistics
Entry rate statistics
Passing shoppers: 100
Entering shoppers: 20

=> Entry rate: 20%

Core Function 4:

Heat Map

Traffic heat map
People in the target area are counted automatically per 10 seconds Statistics are sent to the backend platform. In-store customer heat maps are thus intuitively presented on the platform.

Intuitive presentation of hot spots in the store Assistance in adjusting goods display and improvement of store distribution.

Core Function 5:

Outdoor people counting

Using the existing monitoring cameras, no need to increase the construction cost. Advanced algorithms support various angles of outdoor people counting with high accuracy.


Integrated Smart People Counter

Product features
Smallest smart camera in the world with an accuracy of 98%+

Data acquisition

Mounting effect

Customer Counting and Analysis Camera

Product Features

A pioneering integrated smart camera that supports people counting, facial snapshot, facial deduplication as well as gender, age and facial expression analysis.
Accurate snapshot regardless of the angels. Patented industry design of elegant mounting

Hardware-Smart AnalysisTerminal

High performance
nVidia GPU processor with 300GFLOPS computing power and simultaneously decode 4 HD signals

Rich Functionalities
People counting
Entering rate
Heat map
Gender & Age Recognition

Hard disk
Duel 1000M network port
Serial port

Report System with Rich Functionalities: PC End

Homepage of the group
Homepage of the store
In store traffic heat map analysis
Shopper path analysis

Advanced Algorithms

ReID: Person re-identification, which means the AI vision technology for identifying the same person in different scenarios based on his/her dressing, postures, hairstyle and other characteristics while describing such person’s path based thereupon.

Pose estimation of in-store staff is achieved using part affinity fields, applicable to all kinds of customized pose estimation.

Pose estimation

Part Affinity Fields

Customized Services : 3C

Driven by the industry-leading algorithm R&D team and the specialized hardware design team, a complete range of customized solutions are available for users’ needs.

Member recognitionÂ

Precision marketingÂ

VIP services

Length of queue

Time of queuing

Multidimensional customer portrait

Phone model and brandÂ

Duration of stay



Wide-angle people counting

Heat map

Customer paths

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