Intelligent Industry

PetroChina oil and gas fields

User case: PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field and intelligent gas station

Field stuff management

Intelligent inspection

Meter recognition

Remote collaboration

QR payment

Field inspection

AR smart construction site project

Through the integrated application of IOT, GIS, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other information technologies, build a visual management platform for smart construction sites, realize the informatization, intelligent management and control of the construction sites, and ultimately improve the quality of project management.

Construction Site GIS Map

  • GIS map: The operators’ location on the construction site can be monitored at any time.
  • Real time transmission and recognition though smart glasses
  • Emergency dispatching and command to ensure the safety of construction site.

Daily Inspection Record

  • Flexible configuration of customized tasks, distribution of personnel
  • Video recording of the whole inspection process
  • AI marks for key check nodes in the process of inspection and equipment maintenance, convenient for subsequent traceability query.

Work stuff supervision system

  • Face recognition with black and white list
  • Personnel control of main entrances and exits and important areas in the construction area
  • Combined with OCR technology, personnel certificate verification, special type of work with certificate

AR smart construction site project

AR glasses are used for epidemic prevention in work resumption, which gets reports from many Chinese mainstream media :

  • Sohu News: AR technology are adopted to help ZPark Software Park resume work orderly
  • AR glasses screening vehicle “has become a scenic spot for access management of ZPark Software Park, and also a major feature of Beijing in epidemic prevention

Fast deployment, Easy to use

  • Easy to use, no professional training required
  • Background data batch import
  • Quick deployment, one day in action

Moving recognition, senseless control

  • 200ms high speed recognition
  • The vehicle speed can be recognized below 20 km/h
  • More than 1000 vehicles are recognized in one hour, and vehicle access control with no risk of traffic jam

Easy for retrieval

  • First perspective information collection
  • Multimedia field information recording
  • Record retrieval at any time

Sany Heavy Industry: Smart glasses based Remote Expert System

Customer Pain Points

1. High waiting cost for maintenance work
2. Service engineers have few resources and heavy tasks
3. Experts’ valuable experience is hard to pass on effectively
4. Long approval process, travel time and high cost

Solution Value

1. Save 4.05 million RMB of travel expenses in 2019
2. Over 3000 remote support orders in 2019
3. Reduce job response to 5 minutes from 3 hours
4. Reduce the average time of 3-15 days of issue diagnosis to 30 minutes
5. Reduce the average troubleshooting time from 260 hours to 4 hours
6. Add 100 + excellent audio and video record case to knowledge datbase every month on average

Online Expert Intelligent Service System

CRM Integration

  • Seamless docking with existing systems
  • Associated with service order
  • Establish service evaluation and score ranking system

Build up expert database

  • Multi-expert consultation
  • Set type, skill and level labels
  • Intelligent association recommendation of experts by order

Build knowledge database

  • Consultation record in storage
  • Quick screening by product group and device mode
  • Intelligent association case by order

Airplane AI Inspection System based on Smart Glasses

Customer Pain Points

1. Civil aviation quality inspection has highly strict requirement to ensure no risk of airplane
2. Aircraft inspection process is complicated
3. Potential safety risks in manual inspection
4. The AI recognition target in the industrial field is very different and difficult
5. AI capability of enterprises is time-consuming, laborious and costly

Solution Value

1. Key node, AI automatic fault identification.
2. Fast detection speed, high recognition rate, reducing the error rate of manual inspection.
3. Target detection and small sample training framework service, reduce the entry threshold of enterprise AI.
4. Flexible expansion, enterprises only need to provide high-quality data samples, fast training and optimization of AI identification model

Intelligent airplane AI Inspection System

AI Fault Identification

  • Automatic detection and recognition of the state of lubricating oil cap.
  • Alarm prompt on near eye display and automatic record.
  • 100ms high speed recognition

AI as a Service

  • Model training adjustment service
  • Flexible model training and Optimization for customers
  • Greatly reduce the learning cost ofcustomer AI identification

Remote expert guidance

  • Remote expert online guidance
  • Real time audio and video interaction
  • Electronic work order to guide maintenance

Secondhand vehicle inspection –AR glasses solution

Smart glasses + Secondhand vehicle inspection solution

  • Standardize the operation; guide the standard operation process; thousands of vehicle inspectors have the same process.
  • Close eye prompt, language broadcast, new employees get started quickly.
  • Record the whole process of vehicle inspection from first-perspective and realize the transparency of vehicle inspection.
  • Massive data accumulation, insurance finance, vehicle process optimization value output.

The largest AR glasses purchase contract up to now.

Solution Value

  • You xin used car, the largest used car online trading platform, purchases 4500 GLXSS ME smart glasses at one time.
  • Disperse the inspectors from all over the country, unify the inspection steps, and strictly control each time within 30-40 minutes.
  • 700000 + used car detection videos are all shot with ESVISION AR glasses.
  • More than 10 million website visit, the user page stay time increased by 30%.