Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

The Face Recognition Access Control series of products provides functions including access monitoring and control, attendance and gateways. Available in various configurations, these devices cater to the diverse needs of customers.


Mass Storage Library
The product series enables customers to build a library of up to 100,000 file entries, and it supports on-device offline recognition. These attributes make the product series ideal for access control and attendance management in buildings and large enterprises

Binocular Recognition

The product series is designed for use in complex indoor and outdoor environments, such as in hard light/backlighting and dim light. Its accuracy rate is over 99.5% with a recognition speed of less than 200ms. It features RGB-IR recognition to realize anti-counterfeiting detection capabilities for tackling photo fraud and other deceptions

Convenient User Experience

The product series, designed by a world-class industrial design team, is top quality and meets the various needs of users in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. The device can be hung on a wall or integrated in a turnstile or installed in a vertical configuration

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

Indoor Face Recognition Access Control Terminal