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AI products

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Esvision technology was founded in Nigeria in 2021, as the first Chinese AI company that officially landed in Nigeria. With our top AI team and partners from China, Esvision is one of the best providers of cloud-based identity authentication solutions enabled by facial recognition in China.

Our solutions are, the AI-powered biometric face & contactless fingerprint recognition database platform technology, optical character recognition (OCR) for digital transformation, AI traffic big data, AI smart port management platform, AI big data platform for the financial sector etc. With our AI platforms, we continue to build new AI model to solve business problems and we are committed to helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation with AI and increase their return on investment (ROI), making cities and communities safer and more efficient by digitizing their urban space.

We serve clients in the Government, Financial, Industrial, Education and other private sectors. As a Chinese company based in Nigeria, we represent top Chinese High-tech company in Nigeria.
Esvision currently stands as the exclusive representative of the Aqara Smart Home and Zero Tech UAV for the Nigeria market

AI products

Our Products

Smart Glasses

Smart Helmet

Eye In The Sky Intelligent UAV

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

Smart Identity Verification Device

National Facial Database Platform

Public Security Management Platform

Smart City Governance Platform

AI products


Smart City Security Platform

Applied in scenarios like Public Security, Voter Registration, Identity Deduplication.

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Smart Medical

Using our solutions medical workers can broadcast the first perspective live video to the system back end in real time.

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Smart Traffic

Our solution includes a 8.3 Megapixel electronic police system to achieve a single camera full coverage of four lanes.

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Smart Industrial

Using tools like IOT, GIS, big data, cloud computingwe can build a visual management platform for smart construction site.

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Smart Banking

COVID-19 accelerated digital adoption and more banks are pursuing technology-driven transformation, especially to core systems.

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Smart Airport

No more staring at a big screen to find the gate number. Simply scan your face to know where the flight departs.

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AI products

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