Smart Medical

AR Intelligent Medical Solution

By wearing smart glasses, medical workers can broadcast the first perspective live video to the system back end in real time. They can take photos and retrieve medical records through voice recognition and communicate with remote experts through dual voice and video.

Remote Medical Instruction

  • Solve the problem of shortage of medical experts onsite
  • Save time and cost and improve efficiencyÂ
  • For difficult problems, connect multiple experts to complete online real-time consultation
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Non-contact remote ward inspection

  • For departments such as ICU and respiratory department, doctors / family members visit patients remotely in the office or at home
  • Reduce the risk of cross infectionÂ

Ambulance remote first-aid

  • The first-aid personnel interact with the remote specialist with real-time first-view HD video and audio
  • Background doctors can see the scene clearly
  • Free of hands, first aid personnel implement treatment strategy in time