Secondary Education

Preparing Our Children for the Era Of AI

ES Education

ES Education by FSVISION Technology, leveraging its world-leading Al technologiEs and experiences across multiple industries, ES Esvision is committed to developing Al education programs for K1-K12, vocational and professionals to nurture new talents for the future.

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A One-stop So ution fog Education

  • Hardware
  • Sortware
  • Storage Solutions
  • Curriculum System
  • Training
  • Competitions


Learning Continuum

At ES Education, we understand that every educational level requires different skill sets that need to be nurtured, continually contributing to take a student to the next level of their growth path. Our solutions are interconnected, creating a continuum path of learning which takes them from their very first steps into the world of all the way to becoming master creators of their own ideas. Our solutions are not limited to the role of the learner, but also include the necessary support for the educator to guide the learning process. Activities and lesson plans accompany our soft and hardware, which are also complemented by training and workshops, delivered by our expert educational partners around the world.

ES Discover

Early Literacy, Mathematics, Logic, Music & Art, Screen-free coding

ES Codey

Coding, Logic, AI, IOT, Data Science, Music & Art Scratch, Python

ES Cyber
Coding, AI, IOT, Data Science, Engineering Scratch, Python

Laserbox Pro
Art, Crafting, Engineering Laserbox software

ES Bot series
Coding, AI, Engineering, Robotics Scratch, Arduino C

ES Create 2.0
Art, Crafting, Engineering ESCreate plugin for Cura


Secondary education

Secondary education is responsible for further developing students’ interests and personal traits, such as good learning habits, their cognitive abilities, and healthy social-emotional competencies. It prepares students to be independent in their future careers and helps them plan accordingly.

ES Education secondary school solutions are designed to develop students’ higher-order thinking and coding skills. They include well-equipped teaching resources and elaborate programming projects, as well as fostering the development of critical thinking and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to assume the role of innovators and entrepreneurs. The range of products is ideal for hands-on projects and inquiry-based learning with the opportunity to expand into complex science and technology topics.

Networkable Microcontroller For Computer Science And Ai Education

Designed for every student to learn about computer science and STEAM Education, ES Cyber is a single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators, and communication modules.

  • High-performance dual-core CPU
  • Built-in WiFi module for both local and Internet use
  • Full-colour LCD display for illustration
  • High-precision 3-axis motion sensor
  • Open-source
  • Extendable with mBuild platform, Arduino and others

ES Build platform

Next-generation Smart Electronic Module Platform

ES Build is a next-generation platform of electronic modules for computer science & technology education and creation.

  • 60+ electronic modules
  • Compatiable with ES Cyber and EScode
  • High-quality smart sensors
  • Programmable modules with preset functions
  • Easy to connect and chain modules
  • Easy to mount sockets.

Smart and powerful

A built-in microcontroller unit (MCU) in every module allows them to connect easily and without the need of complex circuitry. They can even perform simple operations in an offline mode.