Smart IP Camera


Authentic Intelligent Sensing
Leveraging our proprietary face recognition algorithms and cutting-edge cloud-edge-device deep learning algorithms, the IPC boasts truly intelligent and dynamic detection of different objects in complex environment

Multi-modal Combination
The camera solution utilizes a combination of different modes that includes “fully structured, hybrid intelligence and face recognition” to deliver multi-dimensional perceptions of both structured and unstructured data making it an ideal solution for an array of challenging settings

Multiple Form Factors
The solution is available in multiple form factors that support fixed focus or zoom function, including gun-shaped, domed, conch-shaped and tube-shaped devices. The IPC’s functions include HD full color images in low-light conditions, a huge base library, object linking, complex light detection, acousto-optic alarms, and the combined use of visible and infrared light, offering a variety of options that are highly customizable.

Smart Traffic Camera