Smart Airport Face Recognition System Solution

Proposed Roadmap

Phase I: Boarding Process

VIP Recognition at Select Lounges

  • VIP database can be synced from the airport’s checked-in VIP list.
  • If VIPs use the lounge for specific airlines, they can be warmly welcomed when they enter

Flight Gate Check with Face Recognition

No more staring at a big screen to find the gate number.

Simply scan your face to know where the flight departs.

Phase II: Security Enhancement

Full Awareness

  • Full coverage at all locations
  • Wide range of applicable hardware (face capture camera, legacy CCTV, etc.)

Auto Analysis

  • Auto real-time recognition and alarm
  • Auto historical video recognition and alarm
  • Visualized management system with integrated map for clear presentation

Optimized Investigation

  • Optimized investigation based on trace, frequency and other data
  • Time & space analysis to enrich the portrait of key personnel

Active Protection

  • Bring post-crime detection to pre-crime intervention
  • Protective system available 24*7 for citizens and tourists

Alarm and Action Process

Customer Value

  • Investigation from post-crime to pre-analysis
  • Multidimension analysis including face, body, time, location, trace, and etc.
  • Analysis by machine instead of human, increases efficiency and accuracy

Product Highlights

DL Algorithm

Facial image DB 70mil/single
server 2bln/cluster server

Static Recognition
/Dynamic Search

High Accuracy in
Different Environments

Facial Comparison
in bn-level Database

1000 pics/sec
Image Import Capability

32-channel Video
Stream Analysis/Server

Trajectory, Foothold,
Peer Analysis

Visible Display of
Abstract Data

Network Topology

Additional Security with Intelligent Cameras

People Gathering

Object Lost

Intrusion Detection

Unattended Object

Parking Detection

Falling Detection

Fighting Detection

Gesture Detection

Behavior Analysis

  • Detect abnormality and generate alarm, handle risky events in real time
  • Upgrade video surveillance from passive mode to active mode
  • Applicable to use in public areas, confidential areas, and also for baggage conveying belts(to detect if bag has fallen out of the conveyor belt)

Phase III: Staff Access Control

Personnel management

  • Centralized and unified information management.
  • Face image, name, department, occupation, and etc.

Access control equipment management

  • Communication & operation status management.
  • Different switching strategies for different devices.

Traffic records

  • Display real-time results for all staff members.
  • Record search available.

Authority management

  • Permissions for different personnel.

Phase III: Staff Attendance

Data collection and processing

  • Facial recognition to take attendance.
  • Based on preset work shift.
  • Late arrival/early leave records.

Parameter setting

  • Custom national holiday setting.


  • Standard API interface.
  • Syncs with the user’s HR system.

Report statistics and query

  • Monthly based.
  • Data export available.

Phase IV: Passenger Body Attribute Analysis

Video Structuring System

Full Structuring Camera

Passenger Analysis

  • Gender, age, clothing attributes
  • Help the airport to track specific passengers
  • Help shops analyze their customers’ taste and popular area/shops inside the shop
  • Provides better information on how to increase the shops’ revenue