Electro-optical Detection And Tracking System

For UAV, Ship And Car

Marine Electro-optical Detection And Tracking System ES400S3

  • UAV monitors the oil field, captures and tracks ground targets, the target moving speed is 120KM.
  • The patrol car with electro-opital caÿmera monitoring system.
  • Mornitoring ship in South China sea chasing moving target.

    Product overview

    The electro-optical turret is installed outside theship,and the display control part is installed in the cabin. Duringthe day, the high-performance color CCD camera is usedtoobserve and search the target; Search and observe targetsbyinfrared thermal imaging at night or in rainy and foggy weather.

    Product composition

    The electro-optical turret forensics system consistsofelectro-optical turret and ground station.The electro-optical turret is based on the gyro stabilizedplatform and integrates infrared camera and visible lightcamera. Ground station includes display and control console,integrated control box and other parts. The system compositiondiagram is as follows:

    Fig. 1 Composition diagram of marine electro-optical turret system