AI Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Solutions

For Digital Transformation

Customer Use Case FSI-Banks

No. Bankcard Recognition Category

1 Card Number
2 Card Issuer name
3 Card Type
4 Card Number Area Cropped image
5 Expiry Date
6 Card Owner Name
7 Card Cropped & Rotated image

Retail Banking Solutions

  • OCR recognition of ID card & Bankcard
  • Information classification & Filling
  • Face recognition & Remote verification (Chinese market)

Corporate Banking Pre-loan Due Diligence

  • Corporate licenses recognition & verification
  • Corporate information automatic filling

Bank-to-Business Credit Solutions

  • ID and business card OCR recognition
  • Automatic recognition and filling of business license and invoice
  • Multi-dimensional business information visualization (Chinese

Post-loan Risk Control

  • Real-time business conditions monitoring
  • Customized credit investigation data service to reduce the secondary data processing cost

Internal Process Optimization

  • Corporate annual reports, various forms, documents and work order text digitalization
  • Automated relevant information input, scanned document compression and business process optimization

Customer Use Case FSI-Banks

Customer Use Case FSI-Insurance

No. Recognition Category

1 ID Card
2 Driving License
3 Bank Card
4 Corporation Annual Report
5 Contract
6 Invoice
7 Document

Collection of Car Insurance information

  • OCR technology facilitates the Car insurance investigation process by automatically recognizing and inputting the ID card, driving license, car registration ,and other information

Internal Process Optimization

  • Optimizing internal process by digitalizing corporate annual reports, contract, insurance policy, invoice and other work order documents

Mobile Platform Insurance Application

  • Automatic recognition and input of ID card, driving license, driving license ,and other document information
  • Automatic classification and filling

Payment Information Collection

  • Automatic recognition of customer’s bank card and verification of bank card information

Policyholder Information Verification

  • Automatic recognition and storing of relevant information
  • Customized credit investigation data service to reduce the secondary data processing cost

Customer Use Case Professional services

No. Recognition Category

1 ID Card
2 Invoice
3 Document
4 Form
5 Hand-writing
6 Reimbursement
7 Contract

Business Card Recognition Management

  • Integrated business card recognition SDK or AP can make the application automatically recognize and input business cards

Mobile Document Scanning

  • Intelligent image clipping, removing the excess background, correcting tilt, compression processing, and obtaining clear and small space occupied PDF or JPEG scanning pieces

Multilingual Recognition

  • Support multilingual recognition of documents, invoice, ID card, contract and so on

AI+ Artificial 100% Recognition

  • Support the accurate recognition of the coordination between AI and labor force

Excellent Accuracy of Invoice

  • Machine learning functions are trained based on OCR, algorithms, keywords, and location instead of templates, so different styles of invoices are supported

Camcard to CRM


Invoice Recognition

Sumitomo Mitsui

Receipt Recognition


Customer Use Case E-Commerce/Digital Service

Input of Bank Card Information

  • Instantly input the bank card number by camera
  • Simultaneous recognition and filling of the cardholder’s name and expiration date

Mobile Document Scanning

  • Directly input the name, ID number, date of birth, address and other identified information by camera

Vehicle Information Collection

  • Rapid ID card scan, driving license, driving permit, vehicle certificate etc., uploading and boost the authentication by automatic information input

Business Card Recognition Management

  • Integrated business card recognition SDK or API of can automatically recognize and input business cards

Document Scanning and Uploading

  • Smart image clipping, excess background removal, tilt correction, clear scanning image obtaining, image OCR, image text export and retrieval

ID Auto Classification and Auto Recognition

Auto Edge Detecting


Cam Checkout SDK

Prudential HongKong, PRUmobile

Auto ID Recognition

Sunshine Ins., Auto Life

Auto Quote

CPIC, Auto Quote

Auto Reimbursement

Mitsui Sumitomo

Cam Checkout SDK

UnionPay, Wallet



CamID/CamCard etc SDK


CamCard SDK

Ant Group, Contacts


Alipay, Zhima Credit


Resco Mobile CRM

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