MR For Education

Mixed Reality For Education

Tradition Practical Training

Difficult to understand the machinery working principle equipments and consumable items are expensive Some projects can be dangerous Single person operation Process cannot recover.

MR Simulation Training

  • Easy to understand Virtual equiment, no cost, no space and location limit
  • No comsumable items, save cost Safe and high efficiency
  • Process can recover, can repeat the process anytime
  • Multi person collabtation

MR Solution

MR Glasses

3D Screen or Smart TV Display

Ipad Display

Content Development App Develop

Technology Advantage

  • Muti-persons collaborative-Interactive operation of multi-person on the same resource in a unified space.
  • Arbitrary operation in large space Without limiting the operation range.Products can be deployed freely, not limited to fixed operating space.
  • Large FOV field of view.
  • Arbitrary placement of model over long distance.
  • Real time broadcast with Ipad or iphone.
  • Customized tools.

Cases Study

Foshan Nord MRclassroom

Students can see the evolution of the real ancient dinosaurs and the spectacular view of the vast ocean, at the same time, they can interact with these creatures, so that their sensory experience can be maximized. Through our MR discovery program, the students realized the disassembly and assembly of 1:
1 automobile and aircraft engines for the first time and learned the function and assembly of tiny parts which deeply stimulated their creativity.

Shenzhong Nanshan Innovative School

Guangdomg Collage of Industry And Trade

Shenzhen University

Sun Yat-Sen University